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 Kevin Rowley is Macon, Georgia's Only Certified Lypossage Therapist 
You have taken the first step to becoming a healthier, firmer, smoother and more confident you. 

Introducing Lypossage, an all natural, non surgical, body contouring program. This unique massage program firms and tones sagging body features including the buttocks, upper arms, and neck. It also reduces cellulite in the upper legs, buttocks, abdomen, upper arms and more. Lypossage can take inches* off your hips an waistline. Your metabolism and energy levels are very likely to increase as well. 
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Lypossage focuses on your Lymphatic System. Your Lymphatic system is like a water filtration system for your body, after so much use the carbon filter becomes full and clogged. Your body's filters are called Lymph nodes. Clogged lymph causes fluid retention, accumulation of toxins and cellulite. 
*results will vary. 
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